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Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) Testimonies



“I love that I do not have to wear regular contact/or eye glasses and can see all day!”

devyn 300x232


“With CRT lenses I no longer have the worries of my regular contacts popping out or getting irritated during the day. It comes in handy for school because of clarity and efficiency of the contacts.”



“I like corneal refractive therapy (CRT) because I don’t have to use glasses anymore.”

logan 1


“I like corneal refractive therapy because I don’t have to use glasses anymore!!!!”


Salvador Gomez

“I greatly appreciate my parents effort to better my vision and also the kind people at Dr.Kirby’s office. Thank you very much for this new helpful treatment! I feel as though “the eyes of the blind ( were opened )” ~Isaiah 35:5. The doctors had to switch the solution I was using because it bothered my eyes, and now my comfort and vision are improving exponentially, thank you very much”


Beatrice Garcia

“I was 16 when Dr.Kirby introduced Paragon CRT and franticly, I was terrified but after they explained that Paragon CRT was specifically designed to be worn at night and caused no “unpleasing” side-effects they began to be the solution for not having to wear glasses I am also afraid of pain!!! ” wearing contact lenses at night worried me but after the first day I realized that it doesn’t bother or hurt at all!!! With CRT I don’t have to wear glasses!!! I now tell people: ” Yes I wear contact lenses, no I don’t have them on because I sleep with them”



”I like the freedom it provides and it is more comfortable than regular contact or glasses”